12 May 2023

Специальный выпуск журнала Remote Sensing: Advances in Remote Sensing and Atmospheric Optics

Редакторы выпуска:
Т. Журавлева, ИОА СО РАН, Томск, Россия
А. Кохановский, Max Planck Institute for Chemistry, Mainz, Germany

Информация о выпуске.
This Special Issue will be focused on (but not limited to) the following: (1) the theoretical aspects of radiative transfer that could advance remote sensing techniques; (2) models and codes for radiative transfer in the atmosphere and on the Earth's surface that improve our understanding of the information content of multiangle, spectral and polarimetric data and its applications; (3) analyses of 3D effects in radiative transfer and the associated uncertainties in regards to the interpretation of remotely sensed data; (4) amospheric correction; (5) the retrieval of the properties of aerosols; (6)  the retrieval of liquid, mixed and ice clouds; (7) the retrieval of trace gases, (8) the retrieval of underlying surface properties, including albedo and bidirectional reflection distribution function.

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