Databases and Databanks

Databank of Regional Climatic Models of the Molecular Atmosphere

Databank is developed for 52 (winter) and 48 (summer) quasiuniform regions of the Northern Hemisphere. The regions were determined as a result of objective classification of the climate in the free atmosphere by the "pressure-temperature-wind" set. The database includes statistical characteristics (means and root-mean-square deviations) of the vertical distribution of thermodynamic parameters (pressure, temperature, humidity of air), zonal and meridional components of the wind vector up to the altitude of 50-60 km, as well as autocorrelation matrices of temperature, humidity, and wind up to 30 km.
Developed by Laboratory of Atmosphere Composition Climatology.

Databank of spectral line parameters of carbon dioxide (CDSD)

This databank has several versions:

  1. CDSD-296. Line parameters are calculated for the the normal temperature (296K).
  2. CDSD-1000. Line parameters are calculated for the reference temperature of 1000K.
  3. CDSD-HITEMP is a version of the CDSD adapted for the 296 - 2000 K temperature interval. CDSD-HITEMP is also included into new version of the HITEMP database.
  4. CDSD-4000 is a version of the CDSD adapted for the 2500 - 5000 K temperature interval.
Developed by Laboratory of Theoretical Spectroscopy.
Authors: Valery Perevalov and Sergey Tashkun.


High accuracy computed line list for the HDO molecule (VTT)

A computed list of HD16O infra-red transition frequencies and intensities is presented. The list, VTT, was produced using a discrete variable representation two-step approach for solving the rotation-vibration nuclear motions. The VTT line list contains almost 700 million transitions and can be used to simulate spectra of HDO over the entire temperature range that they are of importance for astrophysics. The line list can be used for deuterium rich environments, such as the atmosphere of Venus, and to construct a possible "deuterium test" to distinguish brown dwarfs from planetary mass objects.