Measuring optical system based on Fourier Transform Spectrometer IFS Bruker 125M

The Measuring optical system based on IFS 125HR Fourier-Spectrometer and 30-m multipass cell with White optical system is designed for investigation of weak absorption spectra of gas media in the range 20–30000 cm-1 with resolution of 0.001 cm-1 and sensitivity of 10-8 cm-1 and in the temperature range from the room temperature to 350 K.

Technical and economic advances. spectroscopic systems using high-resolution Fourier-spectrometers and long-base multipass optical cell are currently created only in some centers of USA, UK, Germany, and France. Comparing to the known systems, our system allows recording of absorption spectra at the longer optical path length (more than 600 m), which significantly increases the threshold sensitivity in the absorption coefficient. Similar characteristics were obtained in only two research centers: France, Reims (optical path length up to 1800 m) and Great Britain (512 m). An advantage of this system is the possibility of studying weak absorption spectra of gases at increased temperatures: from the room temperature to 350 K, which significantly extends the possibility of obtaining new information about parameters of weak absorption lines of gas media.

Level of implementation: laboratory model.

Patent protection: possible, under development.

Commercial offers: services on measurement of weak absorption spectra of gases (in particular, continuum absorption) with high spectral resolution and high sensitivity in a wide spectral range.

Authors: Yury Ponomarev,, Aleksandr M. Solodov, Aleksandr A. Solodov (IAO SB RAS), Stepan Sulakshin (IHCE SB RAS).

Block diagram of the measuring optical system: beam-turning mirror 1, spherical mirrors 2 and 3, focusing mirror 4, cell spherical mirrors 5, 6,  and 7, photodetector 8, 30-m mutipass cell 9, output port of the spectrometer А, cell windows B1 and B2