Research equipment

  • Siberian Lidar Station
    Siberian Lidar Station (SLS) located in Tomsk is the only site at the Asian part of the Russian territory, where regular monitoring of aerosol, temperature, cloudiness, ozone, and gaseous constituents of the ozone cycle in the atmosphere is carried out using the methods of remote optical sensing.
  • Small Lidar Station
    Small station of high-altitude sensing is implementing a comprehensive optical and physical studies of the upper troposphere and stratosphere, measurements of the vertical distribution of ozone, temperature and stratification of the aerosol. Facilities: multi-purpose UV lidar with the transmitter on ХеСl excimer laser and the receiving telescope with the mirror diameter of 1 m).
  • Station of satellite remote sensing data reception
    Station of reception and thematic processing of satellite remote sensing images performs automated interpretation of data aerospace sensing of the atmosphere and the surface of Western Siberia, satellite monitoring of forest fires.
  • Flying Laboratory
    TU-134 Optic Flying Laboratory is designed to measure the amount of pollutants in air and on the surface.
  • Aerosol chambers
    Aerosol chambers are used to model smokes, smog, and other aerosol media under controllable conditions.
  • Lidars
    Лидарные системы. Мобильные лидары (дистанционное определение температуры, влажности, скорости и направления ветра, параметров аэрозолей, воздуха). Корабельные лидары (зондирование атмосферы и водной поверхности в интересах решения проблемы взаимодействия атмосферы и океана).
  • Measuring optical system based on Fourier Transform Spectrometer IFS Bruker 125M
    The measuring optical system is intendent for registration of high resolution spectra in wavenumber range 20-30000 сm-1.
  • Spectrophotometric system employing 110m and 30m long multipass cells
    The spectrophotometric system developed in IAO provides for absolute measurements of the absorption coefficients of the atmosphere and its gaseous constituents with high sensitivity