The latest lidars developed in the Institute of Atmospheric Optics

ATMARIL-3 vehicle-borne lidar

The ATMARIL-3 (ATMospheric and MARine Lidar) vehicle-borne lidar is designed for atmospheric-optical and hydrooptical measurements from onboard a carrier platform (airplane, ship).

At remote sensing of a sea area, ATMARIL-3 can find fish shoals in the surface sea layer, measure the water transparency (radiation extinction coefficient), detect oil films on the water surface and phytoplankton chlorophyll in water; and measure the bottom depth in shallow water.

The ATMARIL-3 operation is based on the fact that as a short laser pulse propagates in water, it illuminates some or other inhomogeneities in it (polluting hydrosols, fish, bottom, etc.). The optical signal reflected from inhomogeneities is received, detected, and processed with various information processing algorithms.

ATMARIL-3 includes a transmitting-receiving optical-mechanic system, a laser with power supply and cooling systems, an analog-to-digital converter, and a computer.

Extensive management of the World Ocean requires developments of methods and instruments for its real-time remote monitoring, and optical methods are rather promising for this purpose.

The lidar is protected by the USSR inventor's certificate No. 1119456 dated to 1984.
Five ATMARIL lidars were used in Russia and one was used in the USA.
Not certified.
Export delivery is possible. The price for one lidar is 65000 USD.
Proposed fields for cooperation: joint bringing to production prototype.

Sensing depth of clean water (depending on water turbidity), m up to 20
Measurable bottom depth, m up to 35
Overall dimensions, m 1.0x1.2x0.7
Developer V.S. Shamanaev, phone +7 3822 491515, fax +7 3822 491895, E-mail:

LOZA aerosol single-frequency scanning lidars

Diagnostics of the structure of aerosol fields in the troposphere, meteorological provision of aviation in airports, monitoring of aerosol pollution in industrial centers.

LOZA lidars meets the requirements on instrumentation used by countries- of the EARLINET and AD-NET lidar networks.

LOZA lidars are protected by the Russian inventor's certificates Nos. 1839569, 1329379, 1382219, 1130779.

Current status: laboratory prototype.

In the case of serial production, 2-3 lidars can be produced a year. Export delivery is possible. The planned price for one LOZA lidar about 60.000 USD. No additional investments are needed.

LOZA lidar has passed testing in Russia.

Not certified.

Proposed fields of cooperation: joint production and sales of products. On the part of Chinese People's Republic - delivery of solid-state lasers operating at the wavelength of 0.53 m.

Developer Yu.S. Balin, phone +7 3822 491607, fax +7 3822 492086, E-mail:

Mobile Raman lidar

Raman lidar-based gas analyzer is designed for detection and remote monitoring of emissions from industrial smokestacks, determination of their gas composition and the height of the temperature inversion above the point of lidar location, as well as the smokestack height above the ground level and its top diameter.

To date there are no information about analogous systems both in Russia and in foreign countries.

The system is protected only by publications.

Current status: laboratory mock-up.

The lidar-based gas analyzer has passed experimental tests at the West-Siberian Steel Production Plant in Novokuznetsk and at various objects of Buryatenergo (Buryat power system) in Ulan-Ude. The latest version of the lidar-based gas analyzer has passed metrological certification Khabarovsk in co-operation with DalStandart Sicentific and Production Association on request of the Khabarovsk Regional Committee on Ecology and Environmental Protection.


Operating conditions nighttime
Number of simultaneously monitored gases 7
Range to the stack mouth, m up to 500
Time needed for one measurement of the set of emission parameters, min. 15
Detection limit for gas concentrations in emissions at the stack mouth (more accurate estimate can be obtained for each gas) 100 ppm
Detection limit for aerosol mass concentration in emissions, mg/m3 0.5
- measurement error in gas concentration, % 5-15

Metrologically certified in 1996.

Proposed fields for cooperation: joint bringing to production prototype.

The price is negotiable.

Developer S.M. Bobrovnikov, phone +7 3822 491452, , fax +7 3822 492086, E-mail:

Fluorescent lidar

The multipurpose fluorescent lidar is a fast-response mobile system designed for remote noninvasive early express diagnostics of plants in real time, determination of the species diversity and the density of plant canopy. It allows analysis of a large number of samples and diagnostics of changes in the physiologic state of plants at early stages.


Laser Nd:YAG
Radiation wavelength, nm 532
Recorded wavelengths, nm 532; 685; 740
Pulse duration, ns 20
Sensing range, km 1
Pulse energy, mJ 20

Research engineering, laboratory prototype.
Not certified.

Proposed fields for cooperation: joint bringing to production prototype, joint production, sale, and usage.

Developer A.I. Grishin, phone +7 3822 492496, fax +7 3822 492086, E-mail: