Group of Optical Sensing of Atmosphere

headed by Dr. Yurii S Balin



  • Laser sensing of atosphere and underlaying surface.


Main Results

Aerosol Sensing Group has developed a pleiad of ground-based, shipborne, airborne, and spaceborne lidars.
  • One of the brightest achievements in this field is the development and manufacture of the first Russian spaceborne lidar BALKAN installed on the Spektr module of the MIR orbiting station. This result is included in the list of prominent results of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
  • State-of-the-art facilities are multiwave ground-based lidars of the LOZA series: stationary LOZA-S lidar (Tomsk) and LOZA-M2 small-size lidar used in field measurements.
  • LOZA-S multifunction lidar records simultaneously echo signals of elastic and molecular scattering at wavelengths of 355, 532, and 1064 nm, as well as inelastic (Raman) scattering at wavelengths of 387, 532 nm (nitrogen), and 407 nm (water vapor). This set of wavelength allows not only the reconstruction of optical parameters, but also the estimation of microstructural parameters of aerosol particles through the solution of the inverse problem.
  • LOZA-M2 small-size aerosol-Raman lidar was awarded with diploma in 2009 at the Fotonika-09 International Exhibition as one of the best domestic laser devices.
  • Group team has the recognized scientific authority both in Russia and in the world, takes part in various international programs, and is supported by Russian and international foundations, such as ISTC, INTAS, CRDF, NNTN, NSFC, QPQ, BRFBR, RFBR, and FTP.
  • Group occupies the leading place in Russia in the field of laser sensing of the atmosphere. Doctor Balin, ASG head , along with colleagues of the Institute of Physics of the Belarus National Academy of Sciences was awarded with the Academician Koptyug Prize in 2008.



  1. Yurii S Balin, leader staff scientist, Dr., phone: +7 3822 491-607, 491-283, E-mail:
  2. Marina G Klemasheva, leader programmer, phone: +7 3822 491-283, E-mail:
  3. Grigorii P Kokhanenko, senior staff scientist, Dr., phone: +7 3822 491-516, 491-283, E-mail:
  4. Sergei V. Nasonov, staff scientist, PhD, E-mail:
  5. Anna S. Nasonova,, Dr., E-mail:
  6. Mikhail M Novoselov, engineer, E-mail:
  7. Ioganes E Penner, senior staff scientist, phone: +7 3822 491-516, E-mail:
  8. Svetlana V Samoilova, senior staff scientist, Dr., phone: +7 3822 491-607, 491-283, E-mail:
  9. Vitalii S Shamanaev, leader staff scientist, Dr., phone: +7 3822 491-516, 491-283, E-mail: