30 October 2019

The Arctic and Siberia are among the most significant regions in the Earth system for investigation of changes occurring in the climate and environment. These territories are characterized by their own unique climatic conditions. They are rich in numerous discovered mineral resources, as well as wood, water, and hydropower. The region is known for its historical and cultural value. Multiple complex couplings between the nature and humans call for better understanding for prediction of consequences and risks from the human impact on the environment and climate change.

For many years, French scientists collaborate closely with scientists of the Institute of Atmospheric Optics SB RAS (Tomsk, Russia). The Workshop “Environmental change in Siberia” has provided the opportunity for exchange of the unique experience between Russian and French colleagues being international leaders in the study of environmental changes, as well as for further bilateral collaboration.

IAO scientists M.Yu. Arshinov, Yu.S. Balin, B.D. Belan, S.B. Belan, M.G. Klemasheva, S.V. Nasonov, M.V. Panchenko, and I.E. Penner participated in the Workshop. Along with the French colleagues, they discussed urgent problems associated with changes in the climate and ecology of the Siberian region under natural and human impacts.