Spectra Plot    

SpectraPlot is a freely distributed graphical program for spectra visualization and graphical assignment of high-resolution molecular spectra. Lines can be assigned graphically using the mouse and keyboard. Real time line list correction is allowed. . It is possible to display and manipulate experimental and simulated spectra  as well as stick spectra in any column based text formats (including HITRAN and GEISA format). The Spectra Plot contains also an instrument for visualizing  energy levels. Еxamples of application of SpectraPlot for spectra identification are considered.  Illustrative example on visualizing spectra of CH3D and example on energy levels diagram visualizing are included. Spectra plot is compatible with MIRS program http://www.iao.ru/mirs/mirs.htm.

Getting and Installing

sp_distr.exe file is a self-extractive archive to be extracted into a proper Temp directory. The complete installation uses a standard assistant launched by the setup.exe file in the Temp directory. SpectraPlot written in C++ includes all necessary executable files for Windows 95 and higher. The package itself requires a minimum of 20 Mb of free disk space.

Click to download full version of SpectraPlot sp_distr.exe (2 Mb)

Getting started

Standard features and options are directly accessible from the tutorial projects in the examples directory in which all necessary modelling files are included. It is recommended to create a new working directory for each new project. The Help menu can be accessed at any stage of the project building and subsequent calculations.


Several improvements are under construction to correct minor failures of the user interface. They will be included in due course in subsequent releases. For any question contact Andrei Nikitin (avn@iao.ru).