Laboratory for Atmospheric Prediction

headed by Dr. Semyon V. Yakovlev


  1. Mikhail V. Agafontsev, staff scientist
  2. Andrei A. Bart, senior staff scientist, PhD, E-mail:
  3. Evgeniy A. Danilkin, senior staff scientist, PhD
  4. Nadezhda V. Goldina, junior staff scientist
  5. Denis P. Kasymov, senior staff scientist, PhD
  6. Natalia S. Kravtsova, engineer, E-mail:
  7. Alyona E. Litvinova, junior staff scientist
  8. Egor L. Loboda, main staff scientist, Prof.
  9. Julia A. Loboda, staff scientist, PhD
  10. Pavel S. Martynov, junior staff scientist
  11. Evgeny V. Semyonov, junior staff scientist
  12. Alexander V. Starchenko, main staff scientist, Prof.
  13. Ekaterina A. Strebkova, junior staff scientist
  14. Veronika A. Tarakanova, junior staff scientist
  15. Semyon V. Yakovlev, head of the Lab, Dr., phone: +7 3822 492-404 , E-mail: