Laboratory of Lidar Methods

headed by Prof. Gennadii G Matvienko


Investigations are mostly aimed at development of methods and technical facilities for laser sensing of the atmosphere and the surface, including

  • remote sensing of the atmosphere by femtosecond laser pulses
  • study of the possibilities of laser sensing of plants and biological aerosols using spectroscopic methods
  • statistical modeling of transspectral processes at laser sensing of the environment
  • study of brightness and polarization characteristics of the Earth's atmosphere using methods of passive sensing.

Main results

  • Lidar fluorescent technologies for remote investigation of organic components of atmospheric aerosol and plant cover have been developed.
  • As applied to the problem of formation and transfer of cloud and aerosol fields and their influence on the radiative conditions on our planet, multispectral all-sky cameras have been designed.
  • For the development of new lidar technologies of environmental monitoring, effects of the interaction of femtosecond laser radiation with various objects in the atmosphere are studied.
  • Peculiarities in the scattering of femtosecond pulses by atmospheric aerosols associated with the nonstationary and nonlinear character of the phenomena are revealed.
Bench for laboratory investigations of regularities in the interaction of ultrashort laser pulses with the atmosphere


  1. Svetlana V Babchenko, engineer, phone: +7 3822 490-298, E-mail:
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  5. Valery I Burykhin, engineer
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  7. Alexey I. Elizarov, senior staff scientist, Dr.
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  19. Anatolii G Matukhnov, leading technologist, phone: +7 3822 492-408
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