METEO-2 automated ultrasonic system

METEO-2 is designed to measure turbulent scintillations of the air temperature and three orthogonal wind velocity components, mean air temperature, wind speed and direction, as well as mean atmospheric pressure and relative humidity of air in the surface atmosphere. The main advantages of METEO-2 are small size, well-developed software, 24-hour unattended operation.

Technical parameters
Measurement range for air temperature (-40 - +50)°C
Measurement range for wind speed (0 - 30) m/s
Measurement range for wind direction (0 - 360) deg.
Measurement range for atmospheric pressure (80.0-106.7) kPa
Measurement range for air humidity (10 - 98) %
Resolution for wind velocity components 0.02 m/s
Resolution for wind velocity components 0.02°C

No analogous systems are now produced in Russia. In foreign countries, systems with similar characteristics are made by Metek, Climatronics, Kaijo.

Not patented.

Current status - laboratory mock-up.

Export delivery is possible. Price for one system - 4000 USD.

No industrial tests were carried out.

Not certified.

Proposed fields for cooperation - sales of products.

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